Employer: Transport for NSW

Situation: Multiple e-mail addresses were used across Transport Shared Services (TSS) to receive requests and enquiries from Transport staff.  These were created without a standardized format and there was a high instance of e-mails being received without all the necessary detail or information for the Service Desk staff to action correctly. Transcribing the e-mails into a system that enables the enquiry to be recorded and tracked required 248 hrs. of manual effort for the 2014 – August period. (Based on 3 mins per transaction). This does not take into account any Customer follow up required due to missing or unclear information. Finally email res ponders had to manually add all the requests in to the CRM that took almost 10 mins per request.

Task: Investigate the entire workflow and propose a viable solution. Demonstrate a Proof of Concept (POC) for the top management for approval. Implement the solution in s TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.

Action: Developed WHD (Web Help Desk) Back-end Application and Form. Integrated the application to CRM. Integrated corporate LDAP directory with the WHD. Implemented a logical matrix with all the variables such as Agency name, request types etc. Implemented an email notification module. Implemented a secure file management module to store critical documents/attachments. Implemented a CSV report generation tool. Implemented a disk space usage detection module. Migrated the existing form with the new WHD system. Implemented a Software document, Wiki page and change logs. Implemented a version control system and included the application in to Corporate CI/CD Pipeline.

Result: Reduced the average 248 hrs of monthly manual effort to few seconds. Improved request response time from 90%. Contributed to strategic level reporting to identify issues and loopholes. WHD application is one of the applications listed in the DR (Disaster Recovery) plan. Also WHD is sitting under the Severity level one escalation point. This is one of the busiest and mostly used applications in Transport shared services. Successfully processed more than 36K request in last 3 years and still in operation.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySql, json API, Curl, CGI, LDAP, Swiftmailer, Ajax/Java Scripts.